Monday, 5 September 2011

Almost there...

Well it's hard to believe that I'm now less than a week away from my epic ride. I'm both excited and anxious at the same time with just a hint of trepidation on the side.

But probably the greatest feeling I have is guilt. For the first time in my life as a mum, I am putting myself wholly and solely first. Sure I've been away for a girls' weekend every now and then - generally two nights max. This trip takes me away for eight nights.

Not so bad I know, however when I think about some of the events I will be missing in that week, it does make me somewhat sad. On Saturday Jordie competes at Zones for Physie. On Thursday Jordie performs her end of camp concert and Hayden competes in the finals for Wakakirri. All the while I'll be kicking back and enjoying the company of my best riding buddy and 1500 new friends on the road.

The one big positive is that I have a fabulous hubby who is taking on single parent duty for the week and an equally amazing group of family and friends assisting with making sure the kids get to where they're supposed to. While I'm sad to miss the real thing, I am excited to catch up on all of their adventures when I get home, just like they'll be looking forward to hearing about mine.

So only a few more training rides to go before the fun begins. Bring it on...