Sunday, 25 September 2011

What a difference a week makes...

Well it's a week now since I finished my first CQ event, and wow, it really seems like a long time ago.

We've since packed up the camper and headed to the Waterfall Way - Urunga (near Coffs Harbour) to Armidale to find some of the most beautiful waterfalls in NSW.

Our journey started with a two night stopover catching up with friends at Evans Heads. So glad we took out time and allowed ourselves the chance to just kick back and relax on the beach, although in hindsight, probably could have spent the whole holiday there. Hayden had a ball fishing, and it seems we will be taking our rods with us on future holidays and perhaps planning some coastal stops!

The road to Dorrigo from Grafton was largely uneventful until it got to the time to make the climb up the mountain. Then the backroads turn into goat tracks and it took us the better part of three hours to negotiate the mountain tracks. We were thankful that we didn't meet another car until about 4km out of town cos it sure didn't appear to be wide enough for two cars to share the space.

Anyways, got into Dorrigo and checked into the Dorrigo Mountain Resort. Let's just say it's not exactly like the website, but it's quiet and peaceful and we haven't seen the managers since we arrived four days ago!

The countryside here is breath-taking. It is lush, green and smells like a little piece of heaven. We've explored 5 local falls within minutes of town, checked out the main street, played in parks and headed down the mountain toward the ocean. If you ever find yourself in Bellingen, take the time to buys gelato, a pie and meander down to the river - it is so picturesque and the people there make the most of what they've got - which means there are always plenty of people enjoying the river.

We've had perfect weather so far, however last night the rain rolled in, and brought with it a thunderstorm. We've camped in some pretty scary storms before (Woody Head for five consecutive nights!) but I've never felt so vulnerable on top of a mountain in bare, open campsites. The rolls of thunder started at 5, and continued through the night until they became cracks and hisses. Hayden was obviously affected - he crawled in with us at about midnight. Needless to say I didn't sleep much after that out of fear of falling the five feet to the floor below - he's a kicker!

We made it through the night though, and while it's very windy here right now, the rain has stopped but not gone. This may be the first and last time that rain is welcome on a camping holiday. After all, rainfall increases the power of the waterfalls in the area, and when you're here for the waterfalls, that ain't a bad thing.

So it's goodbye from Dorrigo - we are off for a spot of four wheel driving today, maybe a swim if it gets a little warmer, some more bushwalking to see two more falls and tomorrow we strike camp and head towards Armidale. After that, who knows where the road may take us!