Thursday, 15 September 2011

Camping, climbs and Coke

Well here we are on Day 6 - and we've crossed over to the dark side. At approximately 9.15 this morning, we rode over the border into New South Wales. Can't really complain though - it is beautiful country out here and the scenery has been breath taking for the entire 54km section.

Today was a real effort for me. The body was willing today, but mentally I was absolutely shot. There was nothing left in the tank. I pulled over a number of times just to gee myself up and get my mental train back on track. Kept checking my brakes because no matter how hard I seemed to work my legs, they just weren't giving me any real speed. I started strong with a great 5pm climb to the border, but quickly fell away after that - and with a lot of gentle climbs all day, found myself just willing myself to go on.

But for every climb there is a downhill section to enjoy - shame the roads were so poorly maintained - had to really watch the speed cos there were pot holes and lumps and bumps the entire section.

I think some of the mental exhaustion can be put down to sleep issues as well - while ear plugs are a godsend on these trips, it has been a long time since I have tent camped. With a bad back to manage, I've been very lucky to have no real problems so far sleeping on a self-inflating mattress and camp mat. I certainly don't sleep the night through, but generally get 4-5 hours of good sleep before catnapping the rest of the night. Typical camping though - in bed by 9pm and up at 5am! Not really a holiday lie in!

And the final thing to play with my brain is that it is so difficult to get Pepsi Max! I am so not a Coke girl, but find myself forced to drink it here, as all of the local canteens only have the other brown drink! Whenever I head into town, I scour the Foodworks or IGA for my drop, but even then I'm sometimes left with ceasefire lime flavor instead. Small problem though, and not enough to lodge a formal complaint about.

Finally, part of me is really missing my family. Don't get me wrong, I love this adventure, but I really miss sharing it with Bren and the kids. So much so that next year I really think this needs to be more of a family adventure, and while I'm sure Hayden will embrace this wholeheartedly (he is too young to pilot his own bike and would be on either a tagalong bike behind one of us or a tandem bike), I'm not so sure of my 13 year old princess Jordan! Sure she'd sit on the back of a tandem, but I have visions of her with her feet up and listening to her iPod while we did the hard yards!

Anyway, must be away and resting ready for another long day - 88km from Woodenbong to Boonah - then it's only two more days and the trek is done. Not long now til I get some cuddles from my favorite people in the world. And finally - good luck to Wondall tonight at Wakakirri - we are cheering for you in Woodenbong tonight! xoxo