Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Rest, relaxation and rummy port

After yesterday's achievement, it was only fitting that today was declared a rest day. It's great knowing that we were at camp for two nights cos it meant no early pack up of our tent and a bit more of a lie in this morning.

If you've looked at the photos you'll know that it was once again a frosty night - but it just didn't seem as bad as night one in Yelarbon.

After a yummy breakfast (must blog about the food soon), we jumped on a tour bus with our faithful driver Michael, and headed out to a local cheese factory and several wineries. It was an entire world away from yesterday, with just a pair of sore quads to remind me of what had gone before!

Tried several yummy ports, liquers and muscats, with my favorite one a rummy port - one that I will need to source for our Imbil New Year - I have a pair of friends who I think will enjoy that one around the campfire! They know who they are!

We got dropped into town at the end of our trip and did a bit of shopping - madly trying to find warm clothes to get us through another predicted cool night. I'm surviving at the moment, but my riding buddy is struggling with cold feet at night, so let's hope today's purchases help her get a good night's sleep.

Tomorrow we travel to Killarney - 86km that we have been assured is very much downhill. I'm sceptical, but who knows! Of the 1000 odd riders yesterday, only 80 didn't make the full distance - not a bad percentage I think. But I'm sure it will be a 100% success rate if what they say is true tomorrow.