Sunday, 11 September 2011

Freezing, frost and feedbags

So the last you heard we were hunkered down in our cosy beds ready for a lovely night's sleep. Things did not go quite to plan thanks to a cold front that hit the region yesterday afternoon.

After shivering through the night (large fleece jacket, t-shirt, thermal shirt, fleecy lined pants and -5 degree rated sleeping bag), I finally had to drag myself out of bed to go to the loo. Stumbled out, got to the toilet and as I removed my gloves, wondered why they were wet. Wasn't until I returned to my tent that I realized the problem. My tent is dark green. I had trouble finding it when I got back - it was completely covered in frost and was now white. The moisture was from opening the door and getting a handful of frost!

My poor bike was all frosted up too - so cold in fact that my drink bottles had frozen over and there was an icicle forming on the outside from a slow drip. Brrr - and I wondered why it was so cold inside!

Anyways, packed up our very wet and cold tents and set off on the road to Texas. Today saw us eating brekky at 7am, morning tea by 9 and lunch at 10.45ish. We trundled into camp by about 12.30pm and were relaxing in our tents by 1pm. Put the phones on charge, had another bite to eat (they feed us well) and then headed over to the massage tent to work out some of our aches and pains. Bit more r&r, followed by beers in the cafe, dinner, and here I am blogging our day's adventure.

It was a gorgeous day for a ride - beautiful blue skies, warmish sunshine and good roads. 67km today (from memory) and absolutely fabulous scenery to take your breath away. Our campsite is the Texas show grounds, looking out across the plains to the mountains beyond - a million dollar view on a beer budget.

The weather is turning cold again now - time to rug up, snuggle into the sleeping bag and rest up for tomorrow's 101km epic uphill to Stanthorpe. If I don't blog tomorrow night, send out the search parties!