Friday, 9 September 2011

One sleep to go...

Well Friday night finds us in Goondiwindi at the Gundy Star Caravan Park. After a worrying drive through four seasons on the way up (we honestly believed that we were going to be setting up a wet camp), we are sitting here under a cloudy sky and making last minute preparations for tomorrow's ride.

Registration is complete, the ride jerseys are ready to go and we have cool new T-shirts for post ride casual wear. The bikes are loaded ready for drop off in the morning and I've struck my tent for tonight's rest.

I only have one real concern now - it's cold. I've packed for early spring and not late winter, so hoping I don't catch my death from the frosty nights. Even if I do hit the stores tomorrow, there are no items that I can afford to drop to stay within my luggage limit, so will just have to suck it up!

Anyway enough for now - it's time to hunker down and get warm in preparation for a good night's rest!