Saturday, 17 September 2011

Massages, mountains and me time

Day 8 - the penultimate day of my first major ride. 68km into Rosewood and summer has certainly shown us a taste of what is to come!

Another mountain today - Mt Walker, just out of Harrisville is a nice challenge at the end of almost 500km of riding. Another day of beautiful scenery, lush green farmland and mountain ranges in the distance - had to remind myself that we rode over two of them of them on this ride.

I'm really looking forward to my massage this afternoon. For $10 we get a 15 minute massage from a qualified therapist, and we can choose the areas for them to work on. Today we will concentrate on ankles and feet - with this heat I need the circulation to be just right for the final day's ride.

I'm really looking forward to seeing my family tomorrow - I've missed them all this week, and am looking forward to kicking back at Evans Head with them and friends next week.

I've learned a lot about myself on the last 8 days. What I haven't learned I've confirmed! I know I'm an introvert and that after a hard day I reenergize with some quiet time to myself. So while everyone heads off to the pub, I am more likely to sit quietly with a book or my iPod and just chill out alone. I only hope my riding buddy understands this - I've turned down a lot of invitations to socialise but I put it down to my nature! I've always been the one more likely to sit back and watch the world go by when I'm tired and need to recharge the batteries.

Anyway enough about that - it's almost time for my massage and I want to fit in a quick nap before then. On the road to Brisbane tomorrow - can't wait!