Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The funny and the facts

My final blog about CQ12 today - a collection of stories, quotes and facts that I discovered whilst "on tour".

You might remember from my blogs last year during Cycle Qld how open the showering situation was, and my shock at sharing a communal dressing room.

I resolved myself to it easily and even found it quite liberating.  In fact the only issue I had with the showers this year was the lady who felt that it was acceptable behaviour to pull the curtain back at the entry of the communal area, thus displaying us in all our nude glory to the world outside.  Not only did she do it once, but three times.  I mean, come on lady, have a clue - when we start to shout to put the curtain down, just do it!

Hayden, however really found it difficult to nude up.  Quote of the showers from my boy "mum, do you know what it's like to come out of your shower and be faced with an old man's butt right there as he bends over? Yuk!". In fact he did his best to avoid showering, and it wasn't til he realised that a late shower meant he could change in his cubicle that it became easier to get him to wash.  I even tried to convince him nudity was ok.  I said to him "it's ok mate, everyone looks the same".  His response - "no they don't mum, they really don't.  There are wrinkly bits and dangly bits and boobs and everything on some of these guys".  Poor bugger, think he walked around with his eyes closed a lot!

Fact that I learned while on CQ was in regards to catering.  The night we had Irish Stew and potato mash, the kitchens went through 150kg of meat to make the meal.  That's a lot of cow!

Another fact - the oldest rider was 82 and he completed every single day of the ride.

And another - the youngest pedaller was Josie, aged 3.

There were a number of fundraisers on our ride.  Brodie, aged 12 raised over $5000 for Rosie's.  Another fellow had raised over $20000 for his chosen charity.  I love that people get on their bikes for a cause, but I did get sick of strangers asking me what I was riding for.  Hard to keep smiling and say "for fun" - the concept of cycle touring obviously hasn't seeped into common thought process.  It seems they all think we are there to raise money when we go on these long rides.  Not me, I'm in it for a holiday.  They look quite stunned when I tell them that too!

Another fact - Gayndah is Queensland's oldest town.  Apparently it is also rumoured to have been considered as Qld's capital city.

The food was once again fabulous.  A nice array of easy to digest meals, including the aforementioned Irish Stew, Hungarian Goulash, Cajun Chicken, Lasagne, Spaghetti Bolognaise, followed by yummy desserts - banana cake, fruit salad, Danishes, all sorts of yummy treats on the road and delicious juices and cordials.  Once again, I put on 3kg in a week while on the ride!

Anyway, once again, the party is over and it's time to start training for the Cairns ride nxt year.  I've been advised that it's hilly area up there, and if it's true that we are heading to Atherton, then my training probably should have started a week ago!  Not to worry, the anticipation will just have to build.