Sunday, 23 September 2012

Life's little triumphs

Saturday, 22nd September will stay in my mind as a special day in my exercise life.  That is the day that I ran in my first 5km fun run.

I had a ball, and contrary to my original thoughts, I enjoyed running in such a large group of people.  It was great to be able to drop in behind a fellow runner and match pace, and then decide, to move out and find the next pacer.

It was a humid afternoon, and as the first run of the event, the 4pm start time meant we ran the entire race in the warm afternoon sun.  I normally run 5km without a water break, but then I also run at night.  Today I stopped at all 4 water stations for a quick sip of water and to throw the rest down over my neck and back to make the most of the fresh breeze that kept us cool on the loop back.

It was also wonderful to have a strong support group there.  Hubby was running in the 10km event, and my wonderfully supportive Zumba buddy Wendy was there to cheer on her hubby and his friend.  Another Zumba friend, Siobhan and her partner Dave were also there, as well as my running inspiration, Steve.  It was a great feeling to hear them cheer me over the line.

But the biggest high I got all day was watching so many people achieve their goals.  There is nothing like standing at the finish line and watching the faces of people who are doing something they love. There is such a feeling of achievement as they cross that line.  Triumph is in every face.  There are PBs being achieved, personal goals met and even those who may be disappointed initially will do some reaccessing and realise that they have still done something to be proud of.  To even attempt is still a step better than to not even begin.

I don't know the next step for me.  A few more fives to see if I can push my time down is certainly a plan.  But the ten is beckoning, so time to train for some longer runs to get the legs into shape.  And stretching, lots and lots of stretching to give those tired muscles every chance of success.

Thanks to my lovely friends for their support today.  You made it such a special day.