Sunday, 9 September 2012

Just keep pedallin'

Hayden has a new longest ride.  Today's 65km trek from Gayndah to Biggenden was a hard ride backing up after a tough first day, but he attacked it with gusto.

The course challenged us with a few toughish hills, but there was no walking today for Team Boyd - there was no way Hayden would let me!  He wore his new riding shirt today - a big L plate with the wording underneath "Do not overtake turning vehicle".  He earned plenty of comments with that shirt today.  Again, all positive and all very encouraging to a young fella.

We have earned a couple of nicknames now - to some we are the One and a Half Horsepower bike, to others, we are the team with the turbo in the back.  Most people have commented that Hayden will have earned his P plates by next year and he is already making noises about coming on next year's ride, but under his own power on his own bike.

We felt great after the first rest stop, but those head winds kicked in again and it was tough times from there on.  There were many occasions of "Come on Mum, you can do it" and even a couple of "doing great Hayds, keep the legs pumping".

But here we rest now in camp at Biggenden, lazing around the campsite, eating a bit of junk food (no judgement please - we are earning it!). We set up tents and meandered back into town to take a dip in the town pool.

Oh wow! How good did that feel!  It was like diving into a mountain spring, cold, refreshing and soothing.  Our tired muscles nearly screamed with pleasure as we pampered them with a good soaking in the cool waters.

We teamed up with Sue and Brodie today, and spent most of the ride chasing each other up and down hills.  Our camps are right next to each other, and the boys are becoming friends, with their conversations less forced and more like two 11/12 year old banter.  Sue and I enjoy telling stories that make them giggle or blush, so that probably helps with the fast forming bond!

So it's time for a quick nap before dinner, then I'm off to the movies; tonight it's The Muppets.  Hope I can stay awake long enough to enjoy it!

Tomorrow we are off to Maryborough.  It's 85km to get there, so once again Hayden will hit a milestone, and he's pretty pumped at the prospect.  I think he's more excited that we are booking in for a massage post-ride tomorrow but don't tell him I told you that.  Me, I'm looking forward to the Mary Poppins singalong show on offer.

Have a great night - the weather has been treating us to warm, balmy days with mid to late 20s, and crisp, clear nights of 7-10 degrees.  I don't mind the cooler evenings, but wouldn't mind turning the temps down at midday!

But no point grumbling about what you can't change.  I'm just thankful I wasn't the fellow who had a fight with a magpie today.  It attacked him head on, resulting in a nasty fall that is seeing his CQ ride finishing 7 days early.  A spot of hot weather is nothing to complain about while I have my health and the chance to keep the pedals turning.