Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A well deserved rest day is on the cards

Ahhhh bliss.  Tonight finds us happy little campers right on the beachfront at Seaside Oval, Hervey Bay.

Today's efforts were less than yesterday, only 57km from Maryborough to our lovely little beachside site.  We had a ball at the Mary Poppins singalong movie. Ok I had a ball, but whether the kids had a ball is still to be confirmed.

And most excitedly, I can now say that I have sung with the Vienna Boys' Choir.  Now I know I'm neither a boy nor a singer, but the choir is in Maryborough to perform, and they enjoyed the singalong movie with us at the theatre last night, so technically, when we were all singing, together, my claim of singing with the Vienna Boys' Choir is validated!

Hayden was disappointed not to have a milestone today, until I pointed out that today was his first "four days on the bike" effort.  He cheered up at that, and put in another great ride.  Today was a lovely, relatively flat ride, with only two horror hills.  One steep fast climb approaching the first rest stop, but at the top we were rewarded with views out across Hervey Bay and out to Fraser.  The second was a cruel quick climb after lunch.  Never fun when your legs have cooled down and have to find something in the first 200m.

The best part of today was the highway riding - something normally frowned upon for cyclists, but approved for our touring event.  The new verge had just been completed, so it was smooth sailing for the better part of 20km, and it was almost a shame to turn off the main drag onto some less well maintained roads.

We rode on a short gravel stretch today, and it was fun to be passing lots of roadies as they picked their way through the hazardous material.  Gravel - the great equaliser - friend of those with huge chunky tyres, not so much to the road bike set!

Tomorrow is a well-earned rest day for our tour group.  We haven't planned anything too major. Vic Hyslop's shark Expo, the Urangan Pier, an historical village and the shops to buy gifts for the family, but who really knows - it could be a day just sitting around camp and relaxing.  All I know is that whatever it is, it is well deserved.

We are halfway there.  Over 270km on the road, with our hardest day ahead of us, but we are looking forward to the challenge.  But not just yet.  Tonight we rest.