Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rest day = welcome

After four days on the road it was restorative to have a rest day in Hervey Bay.  There were many tours and activities on offer, but I didn't book anything before our trip because I wanted to gauge how we were travelling.

It turns out that we really needed a day of rest.  The chance to reenergise the batteries and get ready for the three hard days ahead.

We had a sleep in, ate a late breakfast and caught the SAG wagon into town to check out what downtown Hervey Bay had to offer.

First stop was the Vic Hislop Shark Exhibition.  It's one of those things that we have always looked at but never done.  Now that we have done it, I know it's something I will never do again.  Basically, the exhibition is walls full of newspaper clippings about shark attacks, Hislop's thoughts on conspiracy and cover up and a couple of bits and pieces of memorabilia.  Interesting to look at, but hardly enough to get me to drag my friends to go and see it next time we are in town.

Marginally nicer was the walk along the Urangan Pier, chatting to fishermen and greeting fellow CQ riders along the way.  Then a yummy morning tea from a local bakery and a leisurely 6km walk back to the campsite along the beach.

I was excited to find live starfish burying themselves in the sand and waiting for the tide to come back in.  Hayden was mortified that I was picking them up and looking at them.

Onto the bike for a quick trip to KFC for lunch and the rest of the arvo was spent in the water park next door, playing in the icy cold water and having a go on the Flo Rider.

Rounded out the day with How to Train Your Dragon at the camp cinema, and all and all it was a great day of just bumming around.

Tomorrow sees us moving onto Tiaro, with out hardest day of riding after that.  Hmmm let's see how that goes!