Friday, 7 September 2012

Gentlemen, start your engines...

Here we go again.  Cycle Qld 2012. Gayndah to Noosa via Hervey Bay. 542km from start to finish.

Sound familiar? It should.  This time last year I was excitedly looking forward to my first Cycle Qld ride - Goondiwindi to Brisbane.

This year I return a seasoned veteran, smiling knowingly at the first timers as they find their way around camp.  I know now how we must have looked last year as we were learning the ropes.

But I'm also seeing camp again through the eyes of my own first timer - an eleven year old boy who is not just excited about what lies ahead, but has a degree of doubt about whether he will be able to do the ride.

We left Brissie early this morning, much to Hayden's disappointment - he wanted to go to school so he could play inter school sport.  He slept for some of the drive, read for some and just stared out of the window for other sections.

It wasn't until we got to site that he started to get a little more animated.  He gave me a big smile as he challenged me - "first to get their tent up wins".  Have I mentioned his is a pop up tent that opens up in 20 seconds?  Hayden has now settled well into cycle camp now and is happily reading a new book on my new Kindle.  That's right - MY Kindle!

We've touched base with Sue and Brodie - a fellow Wynnum team riding this year.  I won't tell you too much about our topics of conversation, but let's just say we had the two boys in fits of giggles telling stories about pee.  Enough said.

Tomorrow brings our first riding day.  A loop out and back from Gayndah - 56km that includes some ups, some downs and a lot of in betweens.  Our tandem bike is prepped and ready to go.  Our legs are ready to ride and our minds are set to determined.  Nana and Grandad are planning to wave us off at the start and meet us at the finish.

With tomorrow out of the way, I'll be much more confident of how the rest of the week will go.  So for now it's off to bed to get some rest, ready for our midday ride.  Here's hoping its cooler than the 34 degrees we had at 2pm today!

Wish us luck!