Friday, 14 September 2012

A Dora the Explorer moment

We did it, we did it, we did it yeah, Bellisimo! I am currently doing a little happy dance while singing the Dora theme song.  Ok, ok, it's a mental happy dance, my body is resting after putting it through a long haul!

What a fabulous day! 104.73km by my trip meter, and we are now resting comfortably at Albert Park in Gympie - our noisiest campsite yet as it is situated right beside the Bruce Highway.  I think it is strategically brilliant myself that they put us here after the longest day.  I will sleep like the dead tonight, regardless of whether trucks use their air brakes or a plane crashes on the oval next to us!

The day started with a gorgeous, albeit rolling hilly ride from Tiaro to the Dickabram Bridge, a gorgeous old steel frame and wooden bridge over the Mary River.  Took some nice photos and a few of my weird and wonderfuls of things like bolts and splinters of wood, but I'm like that!

From Dickabram we headed to Woolooga for lunch and onto Widgee for our afternoon tea stop.  I ate like a pig at all of the stops.  Refuelling is extra important on those rolling hill type days.  Gotta make sure there is plenty left in the legs at the end of the ride.

Hayden rode well today, stereo speakers blaring, singing at the top of his voice.  Lots of encouragement and smiles from fellow riders and lots of comments about his level of enthusiasm.  He gets so many high fives each night as we set up - lots of our "regular" neighbours seek him out to offer congratulations on the day's ride.

I was chastised by him today - at the 90km mark we came across a hill with 10% gradient that wound about 500m uphill.  I called out that we were stopping and he refused to stop pedaling so I could unclip.  I won the argument because I have the brakes, but I was pleased that he was so enthusiastic about getting the whole distance on the bike!

The weather was particularly helpful today, not too hot, topping out at about 25 degrees, but we could have done without the headwind.  Seemed like every way we turned today, that bloody wind turned with us.

For those who followed last year, this one wasn't as bad as last year's long day.  The first 80km was quite nice, nothing too major.  The last 20 km though certainly rivalled Stanthorpe's climbs and gradients.

So now it's time to rest and rejuvenate, ready for our last two days of riding - we are off to Cooroy tomorrow, and onto Noosa on Sunday.  More hills tomorrow, but mainly downhill to Noosa.  I can't wait!