Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day 8 and the end is near...

Widgee to Cooroy, a gorgeous day of rolling hills around some of the most beautiful country in the State.  This is my camping stomping ground, and I love the views that you are greeted with after putting in an effort to get to the top.  Today we rode on the Mary Valley Road for a ways before turning off at Amamoor for a trek through the Traveston region, Cooran, Pomona and Cooroy.

The route took us over two climbs that Hayden and I had to walk up in 2012 when we came out this way.  Happy to report that today I tackled both of them and neither of them gave me any problems on the new bike.  I think she likes to climb!

Our tour photographers sat on the top of two hills today and took photos of us climbing.  Cruel to take photos of people at their utter weakest really.  Can't wait to see those pics!  After the first one though there was a sharp hill sweeping down, and the Garmin has clocked mat at 72.2km/hr.  Couldn't understand the rattling I heard all the way home until I was wiping my bike down and checking things over to discover my CO2 cartridges had shaken loose and were slowly unscrewing themselves.

Worst thing to happen today was a magpie strike just outside of Cooroy.  Sneaky little blighter made a silent hit first before giving me a loud warning shriek and then coming back for a second hit.  Stayed upright though, so not really phased other than he was sneaky!

One more day to go, with the end of ride dress up party to finish the day. Theme is something starting with a C or a Q.  Tonight there were cheerleaders (blokes), Charlie Chaplins, cats, captains, corpses, crypt creatures, clowns, queens, cavemen, calypso dancers, Courier Mails and many more.  It always looks like there aren't many in costume until after dinner when the dress ups really come out.

So after a bit of dancing, singing and catching up with friends made on the ride, it's time for bed.  A short day in the morning and then the adventure is over for another year.