Thursday, 25 September 2014

CQ14 - It's a Wrap

I'm a little behind in my wrap up of this year's ride, but that's ok as it has really given me a chance to have a good think about our 9 days on the road.

This year's ride was my fourth tour with Cycle Qld.  I've now done two on a solo bike and two on a tandem with my son.

All of the things that attracted me to previous rides still remain, even after four years.  I love the range of people who take to the road - the young, the old, the fit and the not so fit, male, female, families, mates and single riders.  The single uniting factor is the love of the bike.

Speaking of bike love, I have got to say that my new bike certainly made a world of difference this year - a lighter, slicker ride made for some really enjoyable days on the hills and some fast flat rides too.  The seat, on the other hand was somewhat uncomfortable for longer periods, but I've been experimenting with adjustments to seat height to see if that makes a difference on the longer term.
In the meantime I will continue to use my "magic potion" - a miracle ointment dispensed at the Bargara chemist.  Commercial name, Calmoseptine, common name - "Ahhhhh."

Once again the larger tent was a good choice.  Plenty of storage room for all my luggage, a place to sleep for me and my bike.  Yep, my new gal slept beside me each night.  Heard "is it just you in that big tent?" More than once, but I think they were just jealous that they couldn't stand up to put their lycra on!

The food was once again a nice variety of hot cooked dinners.  My favorite this year was the Hungarian Goulash with mashed potato.  They feed us so well at camp, great taste and good serving sizes.  I must admit though, I was well and truly over bread rolls and wraps for lunch by day 9, and deliberately found local caf├ęs in some towns to avoid the lunch truck!

The local auxillaries wee once again outstanding with their range of sweet treats along the way.  Always a bargain for some home made snacks, although in a sign of the times there were many store-bought treats this year too.  Avoided those though, as they don't have that same yumminess as home made!

Made many new friends again this year, caught up with some old friends and had conversations over meals with more than I can remember.  That is the part of the ride that challenges me each year, but also becomes easier with practice.

Overall, it was another amazing week in the sun, enjoying the fresh air, company, sights and towns.  Will I go back again next year?  Well to give you an indication, my leave request has already been approved - so what do you think?