Saturday, 13 September 2014

Day 7 - first world problems - no service = late blog

If the worst thing that happens to you on a bike tour is a delayed posting of your blog, you've got to be pretty happy with that I think!

Day 7 saw us strike camp at Biggenden for our longest day on the road (regular option) to Widgee.

It was anticipated that it would be a hot day, and the BQ staffers were vigilant in warning us to take on plenty of water for our ride.  On a day when we would normally have two rest stops and a lunch break, they threw in an extra stop before lunch to ensure we had the opportunity to properly hydrate and feed our bodies.

A nice long rolling day all up - a few short climbs to test the legs, but more rolling hills so always some recovery time after a bit of effort.

The highlight of the day was 6km of "dirt road" which was so well maintained it had better integrity than the sealed road we rode on for the rest of the day.

Plenty of volunteer groups feeding us today. At the first rest stop there were four separate groups who had divvied up what would be served.  Delicious cakes, biscuits and slices, sausage sizzle, fruit and the obligatory soft drinks and sports drinks to choose from.  At the next rest stop, more of the same as well as fresh damper cooked on site.  By stop 3, I couldn't look another cake in the face, so settled for a cider at the pub instead.

If you are ever travelling in the area, please make an effort to stop and have a pint at the Woolooga Pub.  The publican is a lovely old chap who moves at his pace and won't be hurried by anyone.  Worth a quick chat while you are there.  I sat on the front "verandah" on a lovely old hessian deck chair that seemed to have been saved from the days of the old picture theatres.  Extremely comfortable to rest a weary butt that has sat on the bike for far too long!

Following that, onto Widgee for a nights camping.  Not much to see in town, only a shop and a servo, but the locals put on more sweet treats, including chocolate mousse, jelly and custard, scones with jam and cream and lollies, chocolate and more cakes, biscuits and slices.  And people wonder why we put on weight during our CQ adventures!

The massage is doing wonders for my back, with not much to report injury-wise as we have the two hardest days of climbs and hills with a bit of wind thrown in.

Tomorrow we are on our next to last day riding - an up and down day to Cooroy.