Thursday, 11 September 2014

Day 6 - Everybody loves a superhero.

Give a cyclist an excuse to dress up and we invariably will!  Today's ride had a theme - Superheroes.  The children at the school on our rest stop today were raising money for kids with cancer and were dressed as superheroes to greet us.  The school asked if we would dress up as well to show our support.

So after a breakfast of scrambled eggs and hash browns (not me, I had cereal) a parade of superheroes began the ride from Childers to Biggenden.  There were Ironmen, Wonder Women, Batmen and women, Supermen and women, a Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Ninja Turtles and an assortment of other minor heroes.

What a reception we received at the school.  Smiles and cheers from the students, high fives from the teacher who requested the themed day and giggling parents, because let's face it, there's nowhere to hide in Lycra!

Anyway after stocking up on cupcakes made by the students, back on the road for the short end to the day as it was only another 15km to camp.

Interesting occurrence today was watching two oversized vehicles crossing paths with each other and cyclists on a two lane road.  First vehicle was so wide it took up one and a half lanes, while the other was a long wide load.  Some very skilled manoeuvring by both drivers and some smart road courtesy skills by cyclists, who probably realised the value of not getting in the way of either truck.

Our short day complete by 10am and with the campsite not opened until 12pm, I was forced to enjoy a refreshing swim at the Biggenden pool, eat a delicious steak sandwich and chips at the Tuck In cafe and wait.

The pool operator very kindly opened up the pool early for the riders and there would have been 40 swimmers in the pool while I was there.  Most of us didn't have our tosh, but the beauty of riding means lycra is always readily available.  Not only that, but it also dries quickly, so by the time I'd had my lunch and ridden into camp, I was cool and dry.

Quick tent set up today and the. It was off on an adventure of a different kind. Into a local' scar and taxied out to Mt Walsh National Park for a spot of hiking and rock hopping.  3.5km of walking through bush along a cattle trail and then rock hopping through a dry creek gorge to the top of the creek where a pristine mountain rock pool awaited our swimming pleasure.  Yep, two swims in one day - it was that kind of day.

While having our swimming break we enjoyed "local" delights - Eumundi strawberries, Kenilworth cheese with water crackers and Cadbury chocolate - what more could a girl ask for.

The water was cool and clean with enough bite to feel like the tail end of an ice bath, just what some aching muscles needed.

The return journey back to base was just as fun as the rocks we had had to pull ourselves up on had now become the rocks we had to scoot down on our butts.  Made a few new friends along the way, and hope to see Madonna and Reg out on the course tomorrow as they've promised me a friendly trundle if I need a slower pace.

Rushed back to camp for dinner (lasagna) and a massage, and now just waiting for the tiredness to hit enough to rest my head.

Big day tomorrow. 104km into Widgee with high temperatures and not a lot of water on hand.  See you all tomorrow - same Bat time, same Bat channel (see what I did there?)