Thursday, 7 September 2017

Day 6 - Thank goodness for a day of rest

No blog yesterday can mean only one thing - no riding and a day of rest.  I enjoyed the chance to rediscover Girraween National Park and spent the day hiking and using a few different muscles.  It was also a great opportunity to keep my butt off the saddle too.

Another first yesterday as I was invited to take part in the CQ trivia afternoon by The Sunny Coasters - and we rocked it, even if we didn't win.  Still a great way to spend some time on the rest day laughing and trying to figure out answers to questions I had no idea about.

And so onto day 6 and we are crossing the border into NSW and riding to Woodenbong.  104km of further ups and downs, but thankfully more downs than ups.  We even got to play in the dirt today with a few k of gravel roads to test out our mountain biking skills.

I have to thank two of my CQ friends for today - at the lunch stop Jenny was mothering me about my pressure sores on my butt and making sure I made the right decision about my future butt health.  I hope she knows how much I appreciate her kindness and concern.  My other shout out goes to her other half (note I didn't say better half, Russell), Russell, who gave me a "pep" talk at the afternoon break.  Said pep talk involved telling me I had no hope of finishing and should just stop.  A few onlookers were proabably wondering what was going on when they heard, but it was the funniest thing he could have said and it motivated me for the final 20ish km to the end.

I had another very effective massage this evening, and my body (other than my butt), seems to be responding nicely to the exercise, regular food and rest.  Unfortunately there is a gastro bug going around - thankfully I've avoided the full hit of it, as the vomiting is quite nasty.

However the most exciting news today was the announcement of next year's ride destination - commencing in the Daintree and travelling the long way to Cairns.  I didn't think I'd be saying this at the beginning of the week, but I can't wait.

So if there's a potential riding buddy who'd like to give it a go next year, I know a chick who will be happy to train with you.