Friday, 8 September 2017

CQ17 - Day 7 and an early mark

One thing you learn on CQ is to never take anything that is said at the ride briefing as absolute gospel, especially if it relates to tailwinds or flat roads.  Also now included In that list is overnight temperatures.

We were promised a lovely six degrees overnight, which may sound cold, but compared to minus 4 in Stanthorpe would have been positively balmy.  It wasn't to be - the temp once again dipped below zero with an even thicker sheet of frost on our tents to greet us this morning.

The ride however was exactly as promised. We were asked to start later today to avoid the school bus run (can't have the kids late for school).

In 2011 we rode over Mt Lindsay and today we followed the same route.  It really is a beautiful ride - a nice easy uphill climb for a few km, surrounded by forest and the sounds of bell birds and whip birds echoing around.  Then there is the most glorious downhill section - km after km of fast descents and twists and turns.

And the views - absolutely pristine magnificence looking out across the tops of the mountains to the valleys below.  It really is better on a bike as you take the time to soak in the sights and sounds around you.

I'm still having problems with my butt, however short of changing seats, which I don't want to do while I have a sore butt, I really just need to nurse it along and just suck up the pain and channel it elsewhere.  This is my problem, as I didn't train enough, so as they say, I've made my bed now I need to lie in it.

When I think of the people I meet on CQ, it makes me realise how lucky I am to be with my tribe here.  Today I met Pauline at the coffee shop in Kyogle.  She is a 72 year old grandmother who is on her 8th ride (I think.  6 or 8).  She is one strong woman.  She lives in Goondiwindi and she has brought her children and grandchildren on the ride over those years.  Today I told her how awesome she is, and that I hope I'm still pedalling on tours when I'm 72.  I'm not sure I will be, but I hope there is some level of activity close to that when I'm her age.  The thought of bringing the grandkids along for the ride is certainly enticing.

Now I'm resting at camp in anticipation of another tough day in the saddle tomorrow - 76km of more hills - you've really got to embrace the climbs when you join this mob for their tours.  So until tomorrow, may all your rides have tailwinds.