Friday, 1 September 2017

CQ17 - wherefore art thou my motivation

It's the first weekend of September.  For the last six years I've planned for this week long touring ride with nothing short of avid anticipation.  This year has been different.  I have struggled with my motivation.  I feel nothing more than flat.

Everyone assured me it was because I was busy, life left little room for extras and that once I got to camp it would change.  Sadly, it has not.

I love riding my bike. I love this event.  But this year my mojo has evaded me and I'm feeling out of sorts.

So here I sit in the campground in Goondiwindi, hoping that the switch will flick tomorrow and once again I will be looking forward to the ride with the usual anticipation.

It has been great to see so many friendly faces.  Hugs all round from the regulars who encourage you each day and offer a smile and a high five at day's end.  But there's something not quite right in my world and while I can't quite explain it yet, we will see what tomorrow brings.

The very first ride I did on CQ started from this beautiful town.  I remember it was brisk that year too, with howling winds to push us off at the start.  The best part this year is we ride a loop tomorrow, so we have two nights here before pack up and move on - cos lets face it, no one loves pack up day unless your name is David Booth (shout out to you my friend!)

So let's see what the morning brings.  Let's see if I can find my happy place once again in the saddle.  Let's see if an overweight, unfit 46 year old woman can complete this week of riding (with a hike thrown in on the rest day) and find that wonderful depression buster that is the joy of riding a bike.  Stay tuned...