Saturday, 2 September 2017

CQ17 - Day 1 Little by Little

The morning was upon us after a cool overnight tent-camp.  There's nothing like temperatures in the low single digits to remind you that you are alive!  Had an early start and walked into town for a breakfast, hoping to catch sight of Brendon doing his ParkRun.  Missed him by about 15 seconds at the turnaround point but happy to hear he was running comfortably and finished first.

I'd been feeling crook during the night and my throat was burning - once again a cold was making itself apparent while on CQ!  Breakfast done, we hung around camp, prepped the bike, tidied the tent and got ready for the mass start at 1pm.

They promised us a dead flat ride and today they delivered.  44km of riding through the crop growing areas of the region.  Plenty of road kill to dodge (it's a real skill knowing when to stop breathing so you don't get a noseful of decomp that can make the best of them wretch with the taste that the smell can evoke and just enough of a headwind to play with your head.

Once again I found myself working into the wind, with a couple of people behind me getting sucked along for the ride - 20km of me working my butt off while they cruised along behind me, without so much as a "thanks".  

The lunch break was a real delight - a yummy BBQ like never before on our rides on the banks of the river, shaded by trees on a grassy bank at a private homestead.  Complete with live music and a cool breeze it was just the ticket for the half way point.

Back into town and here I am in my tent, freshly showered and awaiting time to go to dinner.  Nachos are on the menu tonight - there are many kids rejoicing tonight at the food choice!

So how am I feeling now? I'm still not firing on all fours, but I enjoyed the ride today.  I've had so much wonderful support from fellow riders  who have read my blog and I'm beginning to feel a little normal again.  It's been nice to talk through this with them and I hope they will read this and know that each and every one has been truly valuable in helping me get my head right.

So tomorrow is day 2 and we head for Yelarbon, where there is a beautiful desert walk to enjoy at the end of the ride.  That is tomorrow's highlight and goal and once we've packed up and ridden, the bonus is at the end. So the mojo isn't at full load but each day is another step in the right direction.

See you tomorrow.