Saturday, 28 January 2012

The weary travellers are home

After what proved to be a whirlwind tour of Sydney, you'd think I'd be glad to be home. It's always nice to come back to my lovely, messy, familiar abode, but the kids and I had such a great time over the past 3 days that I really didn't want it to end.

Those who know me well know how truly anal I can be about my trips away. They are planned meticulously to the minute and I spend most of my time away watching my blood pressure rise and barking orders to hurry up at the family. The last big road trip I planned involved less planning and more off the cuff days, which meant a more enjoyable time for us all.

Sydney was my first experiment with a list of things to do but no firm plans on how to execute them. The only "booked" activity was The Potter exhibition, because it was paid in advance (thank goodness cos it was sold out the whole time we were there). We knew we wanted to do Bondi and the zoo and the Jewish Museum, but had no set plans. This meant we didn't spend so much time rushing to fit it all in - we just did one thing then checked the time and decided what else to do. The weather was a deciding factor at times, other times, it was just what mood we were in. There were times when it was an activity that we all wanted to do, one wanted to do or a combo of two out of three. Yet we all blended nicely, there was limited fighting, and we had a great time.

If this is how holidays can be all the time, I can honestly say that I would happily list my occupation as world traveller and spend my time exploring the world with my family. Of course money wouldn't be a problem with that huge lotto win under our belts, but until that time I will have to just enjoy the short breaks on offer. Hayden has his heart set on Darwin, so I've started to save already for another long weekend getaway.

For those thinking of a short trip, Sydney has so much on offer at the moment. The Harry Potter Exhibition is fantastic, Luna Park is hosting Dinosaurs Alive, an animatronic, robotic dinosaur display with 8 life sized dinosaurs in the display and there's one of the best zoos around at Taronga. Highly recommend all three of these activities and if you're clever and take a bit of initiative, you'll even find discount entry to a lot of places in Sydney just by surfing the net. Splurge on eating out - we ate at cafes, restaurants, snack bars and did not indulge in franchise fast food chains the whole time we were in the city. I had a beer or a cocktail with most lunches and dinners and thoroughly enjoyed trying new tastes and flavours (plan a Friday night dinner in Chinatown mall - great price and de-licious!)

We did so many things we don't do at home on holidays - dessert for dinner, leaving the hotel at 9pm to go out for a meal, wandering the streets of the city late at night...things I wouldn't dream of doing in Brisbane.

Anyway, time for this weary traveller to soak her feet, have her last late dinner (love eating after 9pm on holiday) and settle back into working life until my next holiday. Bring on Easter I say...