Monday, 30 January 2012

My Zumba family

I feel extremely lucky to have stumbled upon Zumba classes run in the Wynnumarea by the talented, friendly, inclusive and spectacular Cassie Blazer.

Thanks to Kristy, Shelley and Kathryn, I dragged myself off to Monday evenings at Moreton Bay to try my first Zumba class. It is fair to say that I have now been spoiled for all future Zumba instructors!

I've taken other classes under other instructors, and while some are great dancers, it's Cass' ability to teach a move that sets her apart from the rest. Yes, there are times when she just totally bamboozles me, but she breaks it down to the lowest common denominator and before I know it, my uncoordinated, busted ass body is moving in what feels like a semblance of Cass' moves.

But it's not just Cass who keeps me coming back for more. My fellow Zumba devotees are like family to me. There seems to be an inclusivity within the group - whether it's the fact that we all recognise the love we share of the music, the movement, the dance, I really can't tell you. We've had some hilarious road trips to masterclasses on the coast, surprised Wendy with a Zumba party for her 60th birthday and shared lots of giggles during class as we learn new choreography.

We follow Cass to masterclasses, party classes, dress up for themed classes and we do it happily. Cass has shared the chance for us to meet and dance with some amazingly talented ZES' and introduced us to the ZIN network. They support each other, hold fundraisers for class members in need, take the time to find out the story of every person who rocks up to class.

If you don't make class for a couple of days, there's always a quick note from Chris or Wendy "checking in" to make sure all is good with the world. The last time this happened I had been in a bit of a funk. Those encouraging words dragged my sorry butt back to class, and after an hour of music and movement, all was good with the world!

Sometimes it just seems easier to sit on my butt in my easy chair. But I could not name a single time that I wished I'd stayed at home once I'd dragged my ass to class. The music and moves are a great mood elevator - as is Cass' smiling face at the front of the class.

So Monday, Wednesday and the occasional Friday you'll find me sweating it out at my local Zumba fitness class. Aqua Zumba is also looking like a goer this summer too. Feel free to message me for details - would love to see you there.