Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ride like the wind Bullseye!

Ok, not so much riding like the wind, but riding into the wind.

This weather gives a perfect excuse to skip training and stay warm and dry inside. After our adventures in Sydney (where we walked a lot) I wanted to ensure I continued on the road to regular exercise, so after doing my civic duty on the Bunnings BBQ today, I planned a ride on my bike.

With all of the punctures I've sustained of late, I was spoiled by hubby who went out and bought me a new set of tyres. With a Kevlar band (yes, the material used in bullet proof clothing), they will apparently be more resistant to punctures. I guess only time will tell! One problem - I told Brendon the wrong size, so I now have thinner, slicker tyres on my bike. Time to be a little more thoughtful on those corners, especially where there is loose material on the ground.

Anyway, I changed the tyres over and took off out of the driveway, without a route in mind. I guess maybe after my impromptu holiday I figured I could try winging other things as well.

Brendon had already done a 60km ride today, so I didn't nag him to join me. I really don't mind riding by myself. It helps me get right inside my own head, and I think through a lot of things that are bothering me, leaving me much more relaxed and clear-headed post ride.

Today I set myself some challenges along the ride, including taking on a hill that I've found difficult in the past. As I rode I extended the ride to fit in more hill work, some long flat stretches and some new streets that I had not ridden before.

Proud to say Whites Rd hill climb did not defeat me, and I added in more hills after the climb to give the legs a chance to break down the lactic acid build up.

The greatest difficulty during the ride is the headwind that pushes against me along the flats on the foreshore. Seems like no matter what the direction I'm riding it will swing round and hit me face first. The positive though, is that it makes for a great resistance workout.

The new tyres were great to ride on. Less rubber on the ground = less resistance = faster riding. That certainly seemed to be the case today.

Felt great at the end of my ride. What could have been a lazy, indulgent afternoon became another step on the way to a regular routine. They say it takes ten days to break a habit and 90 days to form a new one. Plenty more reinforcement required, but there's motivation there, so bring it on.