Sunday, 1 September 2013

One week out and the nerves are kicking in

Well here we are one week out from the start of CQ2013.  I'm something of an early organiser, so my bags have been packed for at least a fortnight, and there are just a few more bits and pieces to put in at the last minute and we are all done.

My postal vote hit the Australia Post box on Saturday morning.  Four more days of work (which includes a major report due before I leave), a visit to the dentist, a beauty therapist appointment for some landscaping work and a couple of small rides to keep the legs turning round out the week before jumping onto a plane to Cairns.

Today I rolled the bike out of the garage and began to dismantle it ready for boxing.

It will be picked up on Wednesday evening and put on the back of a truck for the drive up to Mission Beach.  It took me about an hour to remove both sets of handlebars, pedals and wheels, wrap the chains and derailleurs and box all of our gear into the bike box.  I'm only hoping I remember how to put it all together when it arrives at the campsite on Sunday morning.  I may have to practice my "damsel in distress" routine in preparation! I haven't used that one in quite a long time, so it could be a real push!

My greatest challenge thus far has been motivating my turbo charger in the stoker's seat.  Hayden is a 12 year old boy who is ten foot tall and bullet proof.  His legs are going to be in a world of hurt after day one, but he will have only himself to blame as every time I asked him to saddle up to go for a ride I got the standard roll of the eyes, drop of the shoulders and whiny "Urgh."  It will be a real test not to say "I told you so."

So that explains the nerves.  Day three is an 86km uphill slog to the top of the Tablelands.  With a bike as heavy as the tandem, we are going to need every bit of strength to get to the top, so I am a little nervous that we will find ourselves on the SAG wagon for the first time on a CQ event.  I know there's no real shame if we do run out of puff on the hardest day, but knowing I could be doing this on my roadie (a much lighter and faster ride) instead of the hulk that is the tandem will frustrate me no end.

Anyway, back to positivity - one week to go until I join 800 like-minded cyclists enjoying the open road, camping under the stars and exploring new areas that I have never been to before.  Only six more sleeps until that plane ride, a quick bus to the campsite and it all begins for CQ2013.  I can't wait to share another adventure on the road.