Saturday, 10 August 2013

CQ2013 is coming...

Ok there is definitely a sense of déjà vu here. With four weeks until our 2013 cycle tour commences it seems like it was both only yesterday and an eon ago that Hayden and I rode from Gayndah to Noosa via Hervey Bay.

That was my second and his first CQ event.  We are now seasoned "tourers" for this year's event.  Well, at least we understand how it all works!

This year we are flying to Cairns, bussing to Mission Beach and then riding to Port Douglas via the Atherton Tablelands.  Once again we are doing the ride as a tandem pair.  No amount of cajoling, bribing or threatening could convince Hayden to pilot his own bike. I think he likes the idea of me being responsible for our safety and loves to just sit behind and turn the pedals over.

Day three looks to be the challenge day, with Bicycle Qld offering buses from morning tea onward to get to the top of the tablelands.  Both Hayden and I are determined not to catch the "SAG" wagon and to get to the top under our own power.  More on that as the tour progresses, but with his attitude I'm sure we will have a fair crack at conquering the all day climb.

The training rides on the tandem have been few and far between, with Hayden barely motivated to ride.  Thankfully I am still commuting to work by cycle and manage to sneak in a few longer rides on my days off, so I'm not too worried about my fitness levels.  Hayden may find himself sad and sorry for himself after a couple of days in the saddle.

Tomorrow we have our annual photo shoot for the local newspaper.  The angle this year is "what are you doing on Election Day?"  We will be on a plane early in the morning as we fly to Cairns.  Postal vote has been ordered, my only regret is that the election isn't the following weekend, because I still have to endure the entire election campaign.  It would have been ideal to miss the last week on the campaign trail with no television or radio contact!

Anyway, it's time to get back to packing the bags, checking our tent set up (woohoo, new roomy tent this year) and learning how to dismantle and rebuild our bike ready for the trip north.  Four weeks is going to fly by!