Friday, 2 September 2016

CQ is here...

'Twas the day before CQ and all 'cross the floor 
Scattered bike bits and pieces, paraphernalia galore
The bags had been packed and repacked with care
In the hopes that the luggage limit was close to its share

f you've never experienced a CQ bike tour
You wouldn't really get the mess on my floor
As I figure out all the essentials I'll need
To get through each day, it's a quandary indeed!

I'd packed in my Chicks kit with the comfortable Knicks
And a cute rest day cossie with some 70s bits
Ready to party to Abba ReBjorn
With a sleep in treat planned for the very next morn.

My bike had been cleaned until it shone like 'twas new
A Chicks heart on the head bar, a name sticker for Sue
The puncture kit topped up all ready to repair
New tubes and canisters, all seemed to be there

But much to my chagrin I was repacking again
The forecast had called for some ongoing rain
So it's out with the extra pair of pants and light tee
And in with the jacket to keep the weather off me

Yet even with the threat of wet weather days
The fun of riding another CQ's here to stay
Exploring new roads, new towns and new pubs
It's a membership in one of the most exclusive of clubs

A few hundred members each year, many the same
There are really no rules to this bike riding game
Except to have fun and to ride A to B
Making friends, riding group, or sometimes just me

Dancing at night, meals served with a smile
Riding the long options to get extra miles
Each day's an adventure who knows what it will bring
And always in the early weeks of our Spring

Only one sleep and it all starts anew
The tents are all ready, the vollies are too
Put the bike on the carrier, the bags in the rack
Pack the helmet and bike shoes, cos CQ is back

See you in Woodford for #CycleQld16