Sunday, 26 August 2012

A girl can never have too many (running) shoes

Today I farewelled some long time companions.  They have been supportive, comforting and protective.  They have been there in sunshine and in rain, good runs and bad.  They are my ASICS Kayano 17's.

I still remember the day I bought them.  I had bitten the bullet and decided to shell out the $240 on a pair of good shoes to wear for general exercise.  I know I can get them online for cheaper, but that's a whole other blog for another time!  I went into Rebel Sport in the City and there they were - black runners, ready to challenge my credit card.  Something drove me to walk out of the store without them that day.  I made a beeline for the A-Mart Allsports further down the mall, and there they were - the same shoes on sale for $179.  It was like it was meant to be!

They are easily the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and that's purely because I chose the best shoes to suit my running action.  The best money I have ever spent was at a podiatrist who custom made my orthotics and recommended the best shoes for my severe over-pronator feet.  Prior to this fit out, I suffered shin splints, tight Achilles tendons, fallen arches and no desire to run ever again!

But after almost six months on my feet through Zumba classes, walking, work and any other time I needed good foot support, coupled with almost 8 weeks of running training, I was beginning to get some of those familiar niggles in my ankles - a sure sign that it was time to replace my old faithfuls.

So off to the shoe shop I went, ready for a new fit out.  This time I knew I didn't have the cash for Kayanos, so thought I'd ask advice on similarly supportive shoes at a price to fit my budget.  The saleswoman was helpful and pointed me to ASICS GT-2170's.  I could buy the sickly pastel purple ones which were slightly cheaper as they were the previous model.  I opted for the new model based on colour!  However, no longer are shoes white, blue and silver.  The box proudly boasts Lightning, Blue Atoll and Charcoal as the colours!

Had my first run in them tonight.  To use Hayden's phrase (he too got new shoes today), "it was like running on clouds.".  I really hadn't realised how worn my old pair were until tonight's session.  It was like having a new spring in my step.

And speaking of spring - there was a touch of humidity in the air tonight.  Not long now until my night runs will have more of a balmy feel to them methinks!

Time for bed shortly as I have an early ride in the morning.  Keep an eye out for a Tuesday blog this week - that's the day I'm due to hit the 5k mark.  Until then, just keep on putting one foot in front of the other and keep on movin'.