Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The switch has been flicked...

I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I am what is known as a yo yo dieter - I lose vast amounts of weight, only to gain it all back again, and then some. I've often likened my struggles to a light switch. When the switch is on, the food intake becomes healthy, exercise is undertaken and the weight comes off. However when the switch is off, no matter how much I know it should be on, nothing works. After the last loss and gain, I refused to diet ever again. I dont want to be one of those people who know all of the points for weightwatchers or count calories. I don't want to watch every morsel of food that goes into my mouth. Having said that, the switch has been thrown. Probably more from necessity and convenience than any conscious thought. Since finishing work, I no longer partake of morning tea every day, I eat regularly and all of our meals are home cooked. "Sometimes" foods are just that - "sometimes" foods. With winter on its way, I've climbed back onto the bike in the dark hours of the morning, braving the cold air, with an aim of cycling 5 out of 7 days a week. For Mother's Day, my family bought me entry into this year's Cycle Qld event, and with the hope of bringing my 11 year old son along for the ride, it's time to get the body back in motion. There is nothing like cruising on your bike on a crisp winter morning; watching the sun peek out from below the horizon and the glory of sunrise over the bay is a great way to start the day. For now it's just me on the training runs. Hayden will train with me on the weekends, but as the event draws closer he will find himself out on a winter's morning getting some k's under his belt too. That's our trusty steed in the photo above. Until then, I will enjoy the solitude of my own company on my morning sojourns, in preparation for longer rides in the future. Onya bike peeps - it's a great season for it!

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